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Name Image Occupation Location
A Prisoner A prisoner.png Sorcerer Mintwalin
Dermot Dermot.png Judge Fibula
Easter Bunny Rabbit.png Protector of Eggs North gate of Thais or west of Rookgaard temple.
Eddy(not done) Eddy.png Furniture Shopkeeper Fibula
Kevin Kevin.png Postman Thaian-Venorean Road
Markwin Markwin.png Monarch Mintwalin
Rashid Rashid.png Travelling Merchant Travels between different cities.

You can find him at the following locations depending on the day:

  • Monday - Venore
  • Tuesday - Ab'dendriel (top floor of depot)
  • Wednesday - Port Hope (bar at west Port Hope)
  • Thursday - Ankahmun (above the post office just west of boat)
  • Friday - Darashia (at the bar south of the city)
  • Saturday - Edron (above depot)
  • Sunday - Carlin (outside depot, second floor)
Simon the Beggar Simon the beggar.png Beggar Fibula
Skjaar Skjaar.png Necromancer Mount Sternum
Thanita Thanita.png Guard Femor Hills
The Orc King The orc king.png Monarch Ulderek's Rock
Timur Lubo.png Shopkeeper Fibula
Uzon Uzon.png Pilot Femor Hills
Wally Wally.png Postman Assistant Thaian-Venorean Road


Name Image Occupation Location
A Sweaty Cyclops A sweaty cyclops.png Blacksmith Ab'Dendriel
A Wrinkled Beholder A wrinkled beholder.png Librarian Hellgate
An Old Dragonlord An old dragonlord.png Monarch Draconia
Anerui Anerui.png Food Shopkeeper Ab'Dendriel
Bashira Bashira.png Equipment Shopkeeper Ab'Dendriel
Brasith Brasith.png Food Shopkeeper Ab'Dendriel
Briasol Briasol.png Banker and Jewelry Shopkeeper Ab'Dendriel
Captain Seagull Captain seagull.png Captain Ab'Dendriel
Edala Edala.png Blesser Ab'Dendriel
Elathriel Elathriel.png Officer Ab'Dendriel
Elf Guard Elf guard.png Guard Ab'Dendriel
Elvith Elvith.png Instrument Shopkeeper Ab'Dendriel
Eroth Eroth.png Caste Leader Ab'Dendriel
Faluae Faluae.png Caste Leader Ab'Dendriel
Irea Irea.png Shopkeeper Ab'Dendriel
Maealil Maealil.png Cleric Ab'Dendriel
Olrik Olrik.png Postman Ab'Dendriel
Roderick Roderick.png Ambassador Ab'Dendriel
Shanar Shanar.png Armor and Weapon Shopkeeper Ab'Dendriel
Shiriel Shiriel.png Magic Shopkeeper Ab'Dendriel
Shirith Shirith.png Foreman Ab'Dendriel
Ukea(not done) Ukea.png Furniture Shopkeeper Ab'Dendriel


Name Image Occupation Location
Alesar Alesar.png ? Ankrahmun
Haroun Haroun.png ? Ankrahmun
Nah'Bob Blue djinn.png ? Ankrahmun
Yaman Yaman.png ? Ankrahmun


Name Image Occupation Location
Alia Alia.png Nun Carlin
Bambi Bonecrusher Bambi bonecrusher.png Guard Carlin
Barbara Barbara.png Guard Carlin
Blossom Bonecrusher File:Blossom bonecrusher.png Guard Carlin
Bunny Bonecrusher Bunny bonecrusher.png General Carlin
Busty Bonecrusher Busty bonecrusher.png Guard Carlin
Captain Greyhound Captain greyhound.png Captain Carlin
Cornelia Cornelia.png Shopkeeper Carlin
Dalbrect Dalbrect.png Captain Carlin


Name Image Occupation Location
Arkulius Arkulius.png ? The Magic Academy in Edron. Floor 2 of tower most south-east.
Luna Luna.png ? Edron
Pemaret Pemaret.png Captain Cormaya ship


Name Image Occupation Location
Captain Kian Captain kian.png Captain Kastah
Commander Kruger framless Faction Commander
Kastah church.png
Church, south Kastah's boat
Gothfrid the Fireborn Gothfrid the fireborn.png ? North of Kastah
Grimfang Orc.png Unknown Kastah
Kaden Kaden.png Temple Guardian Kastah
Kafer Kafer.png Magic Shopkeeper Kastah mana shop
Kai Kai.png ? Kastah
Katy File:Katy.png ? Kastah
Kelly Kelly.png Equipment Shopkeeper Kastah
Kendor, the Guard Kendor the guard.png Guard Kastah
Keyla, the Guard File:Keyla the guard.png Guard Kastah
Kiara Kiara.png Priest Kastah
Kiyu Kiyu.png ? Kastah
Klark Kent Klark kent.png ? Kastah
Kobe Kobe.png Postman Kastah
Kody Kody.png ? Kastah
Krathamor Krathamor.png ? Kastah
Kristy File:Kristy.png ? Kastah
Kurt Kurt.png Tavern Master Kastah
Weeber Kentnew.png Militia man Lives in a tower east of Kastah town


Name Image Occupation Location
Basilisk Snake.png Unknown Kazordoon mines, under the city
Bezil Bezil.png Equipment Shopkeeper Shops street in Kazordoon, beneath the depot
Brodrosch Brodrosch.png Captain Far below Kazordoon
Budrik Budrik.png Foreman North mine, closest to the river
Duria Duria.png Knight Guild Leader Kazordoon, south-west from the depot
Emperor Kruzak Emperor kruzak.png Monarch Kazordoon, throne room
Etzel Etzel.png Sorcerer Guild Leader Kazordoon, three levels above depot
Hemor, the Guard Dwarf guard.png Guard Kazordoon, next to Emperor Kruzak
Humgolf Humgolf.png Caretaker Shops street in western Kazordoon
Humnog, the Guard Dwarf guard.png Guard Kazordoon, next to Emperor Kruzak
Isimov Isimov.png Cleric Temple
Iwar(not done) Iwar.png Furniture Shopkeeper Kazordoon, west of depot
Jimbin Jimbin.png Barkeeper Kazordoon
Kawill Kawill.png Blesser Kazordoon, south from temple
Kroox Kroox.png Armor Shopkeeper Kazordoon, northern shops street, below the depot
Lokur Lokur.png Postman Depot
Maryza Maryza.png Barkeeper Jolly Axeman Tavern, northern shops street
Nezil Nezil.png Equipment Shopkeeper Accordion, shops street, beneath the depot
Pydar Pydar.png Blesser North of temple, past the many fire fields
Riddler Riddler.png Ghost Near the top of the Paradox Tower
Sigurd Sigurd.png Magic Shopkeeper Kazordoon, three floors above depot
Talphion Talphion.png Technomancer North-west in Kazordoon, few floors down
Tezila Tezila.png Banker and Jewelry Shopkeeper Shops street, one floor below the depot to the south
Tulf Tulf.png Officer Guard room near Emperor Kruzak
Uzgod Uzgod.png Weapon Shopkeeper Northern shops street

Port Hope

Name Image Occupation Location
Kent Kentnew.png Tanner Eastern part of Port Hope

Kent location.png

Professor Minerva Professor minerva.png Mage Port Hope Ancient Temple


Name Image Occupation Location
Al Dee Al dee.png Merchant Rookgaard
Amber Amber.png Adventurer Rookgaard
Billy Billy.png Farmer Rookgaard
Blind Orc Blind orc.png Shopkeeper Rookgaard
Cipfried Cipfried.png Monk Rookgaard
Dallheim Dallheim.png Guard Rookgaard
Dixi Dixi.png Shopkeeper Rookgaard
Hyacinth Hyacinth.png Magic Shopkeeper Rookgaard
Lee'Delle Lee delle.png Shopkeeper Rookgaard
Lily Lily.png Shopkeeper Rookgaard
Loui Ferfang2.png Monk Rookgaard
Matthew Matthew.png Banker Rookgaard
Norma Norma.png Merchant Rookgaard
Obi Obi.png Merchant Rookgaard
Seymour Seymour.png Librarian Rookgaard
The Oracle File:The oracle.png Oracle Rookgaard
Tom Tom.png Tanner Rookgaard
Willie Willie.png Farmer Rookgaard
Zerbrus Zerbrus.png Guard Rookgaard


Name Image Occupation Location
Aruda Aruda.png Thief Thais
Baxter Baxter.png Guard Thais
Benjamin Benjamin.png Postman Thais
Bozo Bozo.png Jester Thais
Captain Bluebear Captain bluebear.png Thief Thais
Chester Kahs Chester kahs.png Guard Thais
Donald McRonald Donald mcronald.png Farmer Thais
Edowir Edowir.png Astrologer Thais
Elane Elane.png Paladin Guild Leader Thais
Frodo Frodo.png Innkeeper Thais
Galuna Galuna.png Shopkeeper Thais
Gamel Gamel.png Rebel Thais
Gamon(not done) Gamon.png Furniture Shopkeeper Thais
Gorn Gorn.png Equipment Shopkeeper Thais
Gregor Gregor.png Knight Guild Leader Thais
Grof, the Guard Grof the guard.png Guard Thais
Hanna Hanna.png Jewelry Shopkeeper Thais
Hardek Hardek.png Shopkeeper Thais
Harkath Bloodblade Harkath bloodblade.png Officer Thais
Harsky Harsky.png Guard Thais
Hoggle Hoggle.png Fisherman Thais
King Tibianus King tibianus.png Monarch Thais
Kulag, the Guard Kulag the guard.png Guard Thais
Loria Loria.png Sorcerer Thais
Lubo Lubo.png Equipment Shopkeeper Thais
Lugri Lugri.png Necromancer Thais
Lungelen Lungelen.png Sorcerer Guild Leader Thais
Lynda Lynda.png Cleric Thais
Marvik Marvik.png Druid Guild Leader Thais
Muriel Muriel.png Sorcerer Guild Leader Thais
Noodles Noodles.png Pet Thais
Norf Ferfang2.png Blesser Thais
Oswald Oswald.png Assistant Thais
Partos Partos.png Thief Thais
Quentin Ferfang2.png Priest Thais
Quero Quero.png Instrument Shopkeeper Thais
Robin Robin.png Hunter Thais
Sam Sam.png Blacksmith Thais
Sherry McRonald Sherry mcronald.png Farmer Thais
Stutch Stutch.png Guard Thais
Suzy Suzy.png Banker Thais
Tim, the Guard Tim the guard.png Guard Thais
Todd Todd.png Traveller Thais
Tokel Tokel.png Farmer Thais
Topsy Topsy.png Magic Shopkeeper Thais
Trimegis Trimegis.png Astrologer Thais
Turvy Turvy.png Armor and Weapon Shopkeeper Thais
Ulrik Ulrik.png Blacksmith Thais
Walter, the Guard Walter the guard.png Guard Thais
Wyat Wyat.png Officer Thais
Xodet Xodet.png Magic Shopkeeper Thais