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On this page you can find information about the different types of creature products.
Some items may only be obtained through Skinning, while others may be directly looted.

Skinned with Simple Skinning Knife Simple skinning knife.png

The first Simple Skinning Knife can be bought from NPC Kent for 5000 gold coins.

Name Image Skinned From Chance Usage
Armadodo Leather Armadodo leather.png Armadodo ?% 25 required for Gray Silk Tapestry
Bear Leather Bear leather.png Bear ?%
Bird Beak Bird beek.png Chicken, Terror Bird ?% 1 required for Kastah Access
Chakoya Leather Chakoya leather.png Chakoya Toolshaper, Chakoya Tribewarden, Chakoya Windcaller ?%
Colorful Feather Colorful feather.png Terror Bird ?% 50 required for First Citizen Addon
Cyclops Toe Cyclops toe.png Cyclops ?% 100 required for Cyclops Trophy
Green Dragon Leather Dragon leather.png Dragon ?% 5 required for Kastah Access
Hydra Leather Hydra leather.png Hydra ?% 100 required for First Citizen Addon
100 required for Fanged Helmet
Lion Leather Lion leather.png Lion ?%
Lizard Leather Lizard leather.png Lizard Templar, Lizard Sentinel ?%
Magmatic Dragon Leather Magmatic dragon leather.png Magma Dragon ?%
Minotaur Leather Minotaur leather.png Minotaur, Minotaur Archer, Minotaur Guard, Minotaur Mage ?% 100 required for Skinning Knife
Orc Leather Orc leather.png Orc, Orc Berserker, Orc Leader, Orc Spearman, Orc Warrior ?% 500 required for Orc Trophy
Pig Tail Pig tail.png Pig ?%
Red Dragon Leather Red dragon leather.png Dragon Lord ?%
Tiger Leather Tiger leather.png Tiger ?%
War Wolf Leather War wolf leather.png War Wolf ?% 100 required for War Wolf Trophy
Wasp Wing Wasp wing.png Wasp ?%

Skinned with Skinning Knife Skinning knife.png

The Skinning Knife can be exchanged for 100 Minotaur Leather at NPC Kent.

Name Image Skinned From Chance Usage
Ball of Hair Ball of hair.png Kongra, Sibang, Merlkin ?%
Bear Fur Bear fur.png Bear ?% 30 required for First Hunter Addon
Behemoth Leather Behemoth leather.png Behemoth ?% 20 required for First Mage Addon
Beholder Eye Beholder eye.png Beholder, Elder Beholder ?%
Black Wool Black wool.png Black Sheep ?% 10 required for Second Brotherhood Addon
Bonebeast Tail Bonebeast tail.png Bonebeast ?% 50 required for Upgraded Skinning Knife
Carniphila Venom Sac Carniphila venom sac.png Carniphila ?% 50 required for Brotherhood Outfit
Chicken Leg Chicken leg.png Chicken ?%
Crystal Spider Leg Crystal spider leg.png Crystal Spider ?% 50 required for First Mage Addon

50 required for Upgraded Skinning Knife

Dworc mask Dworc voodoomask.png Dworc Voodoomaster ?%
Elf Ear Elf ear.png Elf Scout, Elf Arcanist ?% 150 required for Elf Trophy
Fiery Scale Fiery scale.png Fiery Scarab ?%
Fiery Wing Fiery wing.png Fiery Beetle ?% 50 required for First Knight Addon
Fire Devil Tail Fire devil tail.png Fire Devil ?% 50 required for Upgraded Skinning Knife
Giant Spider Leg Giant spider leg.png Giant Spider ?% 100 required for Brotherhood Outfit
Magma Bug Leg Magma bug leg.png Magma Bug ?%
Magmatic Dragon Tail Magmatic dragon tail.png Magma Dragon ?%
Minotaur Horn Minotaur horn.png Minotaur, Minotaur Archer, Minotaur Executor, Minotaur Guard, Minotaur Mage ?% 500 required for Minotaur Trophy
Pair of Deer Antlers Deer horn.png Deer ?% 25 required for Deer Trophy
Scarab Scale Scarab scale.png Scarab ?%
Scorpion Tail Scorpion tail.png Scorpion ?%
Torn Vampire Cape Torn vampire cape.png Vampire ?% 100 required for Second Citizen Addon
White Wool White wool.png Sheep ?% 50 required for Second Citizen Addon

Skinned with Upgraded Skinning Knife Upgraded skinning knife.png

The Upgraded Skinning Knife can be exchanged for 50 Bonebeast Tail, 50 Fire Devil Tail, 50 Crystal Spider Leg at NPC Kent.

Name Image Skinned From Chance Usage
Armadodo Heart Armadodo heart.png Armadodo ?% 100 required for Second Knight Addon
Banshee Robe Banshee robe.png Banshee ?% 50 required for Second Citizen Addon
Behemoth Claw Behemoth claw.png Behemoth ?% 100 required for Royal Armor

50 required for Behemoth Trophy

Crystal Scale Crystal scale.png Crystal Spider ?% 100 required for Frozen Helmet
Demon Leather Demon leather.png Demon ?% 200 required for Royal Armor
Demonic Bone Demonic bone.png Demon Skeleton ?%
Dragon Tail Green dragon tail.png Dragon ?% 400 required for Dragon Backpack

200 required for Dragon Trophy

Executor Hood Executor hood.png Minotaur Executor ?% 100 required for Second Brotherhood Addon
Fire Devil Claw Fire devil claw.png Fire Devil ?%
Frost Dragon Scale Frost dragon scale.png Frost Dragon ?% 100 required for Frozen Helmet
Giant Python Leather Giant python leather.png Giant Python ?% 50 required for Second Brotherhood Addon
Hydra Head Hydra head.png Hydra ?%
Lich Skull Lich skull.png Lich ?%
Magmatic Dragon Wing Magmatic dragon wing.png Magma Dragon ?%
Medusa Fang Medusa fang.png Medusa ?% 50 required for Fanged Helmet
Piece of Giant Spider Piece of giant spider.png Giant Spider ?% 100 required for Giant Spider Trophy
Red Dragon Scale Red dragon scale.png Dragon Lord ?% 50 required for Yarn of Spider Silk Exchange

Looted Creature Products

Name Weight Dropped By
Ancient Scarab Pincers Ancient scarab pincers.png 0.9 Ancient Scarab
Armadodo Spike Armadodo spike.png ? Armadodo
Bear Claw Bear claw.png 1.5 Bear
Broken Battle Axe Broken battle axe.png 0.35 Minotaur Guard, Warchief Bata
Broken Bow Broken bow.png ? Hunter
Broken Broken Staff Broken broken staff.png ? Merlkin
Broken Halberd Broken halberd.png 0.45 Cyclops, Ogre Shaman, Ogre Warrior
Broken Spear Broken spear.png ? Dworc Fleshhunter
Broken Voodoo Staff Broken voodoo staff.png ? Dworc Voodoomaster
Cave Crystal Cave crystal.png ? Crystal Spider
Centipede Leg Centipede leg.png ? Centipede
Chicken Beak Chicken beak.png 0.35 Chicken
Crystal Ore Crystal ore.png 0.1 Dwarf Geomancer, Dwarf Soldier, Dwarf Guard
Djinn Turban Djinn turban.png ? Blue Djinn, Efreet, Green Djinn, Marid
Dworc Blowpipe Dworc blowpipe.png 6.5 Dworc Venomsniper
Elephant Tusk Elephant tusk.png 10.0 Elephant
Green Dragon Scale Green dragon scale.png ? Dragon, Grayback, Orc Dragonrider
Hero Cape Hero cape.png ? Hero
Hydra Egg Hydra egg.png 50.0 Hydra
Larva Egg Larva egg.png ? Larva
Lavaion Teeth Lavaion teeth.png ? Lavaion
Magmatic Horn Magmatic horn.png ? Magma Hound
Medusa Snake Medusa snake.png ? Medusa
Mummy Bandage Mummy bandage.png ? Frozen Mummy, Mummy
Python Egg Python egg.png ? Giant Python
Scarab Pincer Scarab pincer.png ? Scarab
Spider Egg Spider egg.png ? Mossweaver, Tarantula
Spider Silk Spider silk.png 1.2 Crystal Spider, Giant Spider
Stoneskin Egg Stoneskin egg.png ? Stoneskin Bird
Stoneskin Feather Stoneskin feather.png ? Stoneskin Bird
Tunica Tunica.png ? Amazon, Temple Guardian, Valkyrie
Vampire Contract Vampire contract.png ? Vampire
Vampire Fang Vampire fang.png ? Vampire
Wolf Paw Wolf paw.png 0.85 Wolf
Yarn of Spider Silk Yarn of spider silk.png 10.0 The Old Widow