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Location: Travels between different cities.

You can find him at the following locations depending on the day:

  • Monday - Venore
  • Tuesday - Ab'dendriel (top floor of depot)
  • Wednesday - Port Hope (bar at west Port Hope)
  • Thursday - Ankahmun (above the post office just west of boat)
  • Friday - Darashia (at the bar south of the city)
  • Saturday - Edron (above depot)
  • Sunday - Carlin (outside depot, second floor)
Occupation:Travelling Merchant
Note:Requires Golden Account to trade with
Item: Name: Price:
This merchant does not sell anything.
Item: Name: Price:
Demon shield.png Demon Shield 30000 gp
Gold ring.png Gold Ring 8000 gp
Dragon scale mail.png Dragon Scale Mail 40000 gp
Golden armor.png Golden Armor 20000 gp
Magic plate armor.png Magic Plate Armor 90000 gp
Golden legs.png Golden Legs 70000 gp
Medusa shield.png Medusa Shield 9000 gp
Mastermind shield.png Mastermind Shield 50000 gp
Devil helmet.png Devil Helmet 1000 gp
Steel boots.png Steel Boots 30000 gp
Daramanian waraxe.png Daramanian Waraxe 1000 gp
Guardian halberd.png Guardian Halberd 11000 gp
War axe.png War Axe 9000 gp
Platinum amulet.png Platinum Amulet 2000 gp
Ring of the sky.png Ring of the Sky 30000 gp
Bright sword.png Bright Sword 7000 gp
Underworld ring.png Underworld Ring 8000 gp
Underworld helmet.png Underworld Helmet 25000 gp
Underworld legs.png Underworld Legs 50000 gp
Underworld armor.png Underworld Armor 120000 gp
Silver brooch.png Silver Brooch 150 gp
Scarab amulet.png Scarab Amulet 200 gp
Ancient amulet.png Ancient Amulet 200 gp
Scarab shield.png Scarab Shield 2000 gp
Emerald bangle.png Emerald Bangle 400 gp
Crystal ring.png Crystal Ring 250 gp
Crocodile boots.png Crocodile Boots 1000 gp
Poisonous bow.png Poisonous Bow 6000 gp
Flaming bow.png Flaming Bow 16000 gp
Sapphire hammer.png Sapphire Hammer 12000 gp
Ring of the order.png Ring of the Order 32000 gp