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On this page you will find information about quests on Faloria, located on Rookgaard and Mainland.
* Quest is custom

Mainland Quests

Name Level (required) Reward Location
Ability to trade with Arkulius Quest* 6 Ability to trade with Arkulius, unlocks the Royal Armor collection task Edron
Alawar's Vault Quest 6 33gp, Blank Rune, Broadsword, Dark Helmet, 4 Throwing Knives, 3 White Pearls Carlin
Amazon Camp Quest 6 100gp, 2 Black Pearls, Crystal Necklace, Dwarven Ring, Skull of Ratha, Wolf Tooth Chain, White Pearl Venore
Barbarian Axe Quest 6 Barbarian Axe, Scimitar Edron
Battle Axe Quest 6 Battle Axe Thais
Behemoth Quest 80 Crystal Ring, Demon Shield, Golden Armor, Guardian Halberd, Life Ring, Platinum Amulet, 3 Small Diamonds, 4 Small Sapphires Edron
Black Knight Quest 50 Crown Armor, Crown Shield Venore
Blood Herb Quest 6 Blood Herb Venore
Blue Djinn Quest 40 3 Small Sapphires, Gemmed Lamp, ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun, possibility to hunt Efreets and Green Djinns in Ankrahmun Ankrahmun
Call from Ethna* 100 Magician Boots, Underworld Ring, Baby Demon Doll, White Backpack
One of the following: Molten Blade, Underworld Crossbow, Magmatic Mastermind Shield
All over Faloria
DTD Quest 35 Crown Helmet, Noble Armor Thais
Dark Armor Quest 6 Dark Armor Edron
Dead Archer Quest 6 Bow, Life Fluid, Mana Fluid, 5 Poison Arrows Thais
Deeper Fibula Quest 50 Dwarven Ring, Elven Amulet, Knight Axe, Tower Shield, Warrior Helmet Thais
Demon Helmet Quest 100 Demon Helmet, Demon Shield, Steel Boots Edron
Demona Quests 60 Carlin
Desert Quest 20 100 Platinum Coins, Green Bag with: Protection Amulet, Ring of Healing, Magic Light Wand, Ankh Venore
Draconia Quest 25 Ice Rapier, Serpent Sword, Stone Skin Amulet, Energy Ring Ab'dendriel
Dwarven Hell Quest 32 Dwarven Axe, War Hammer(not done) Kazordoon
Edron Goblin Quest 6 Brass Legs, Garlic Necklace Edron
Elephant Tusk Quest 6 2 Elephant Tusks(not done) Port Hope
Elvenbane Quest 1 Dwarven Shield, Morning Star, 100 Gold Coin, 2 Small Diamonds, Spellbook, Vial of Mana Fluid, Blank Rune Elvenbane Castle, near Ab'Dendriel
Emperor's Cookies Quest 6 Key 3800, bag with 20+7 Cookies, Key 3801, Key 3802(not done) Kazordoon
Explorer Brooch Quest 6 Explorer Brooch(not done) Kazordoon
Fanfare Quest 6 Fanfare Carlin
Femor Hills Goblin Quest 6 Bronze Amulet, Power Ring(not done) Femor Hills
Fire Axe Quest 60 Dragon Necklace, Fire Axe, Ring of Healing, 7 Small Diamonds(not done) Edron
Geomancer Quest 6 Dwarven Ring, Small Diamond, Small Sapphire(not done) Thais
Ghostship Quest 6 Plate Armor(not done) Venore
Ghoul Room Quest 6 Club Ring, Garlic Necklace and daily spawn of 57gp Thais
Giant Smithhammer Quest 6 100gp, Giant Smithhammer, Talon(not done) Venore
Giant Spider Hole Quest 6 Book, 12 Burst Arrows, 5 Power Bolts, Two Handed Sword(not done) Venore
Green Djinn Quest 40 600gp, Gemmed Lamp, ability to trade with Yaman and Alesar, possibility to hunt Marids and Blue Djinns in Ankrahmun(not done) Ankrahmun
Griffin Shield Quest 30 Dwarven Axe, Griffin Shield, Obsidian Lance(not done) Carlin
Hero Cave Quest 6 (not done) Venore
Hydra Egg Quest 6 Hydra Egg(not done) Port Hope
Iron Hammer Quest 6 Iron Hammer(not done) Kazordoon
Isle of the Mists Quest 6 Book, 2 Small Emeralds(not done) Venore
Kastah Access* 1 Access to Kastah All over Faloria
Kastah Militia* 1 Unknown. Kastah's Church.
King Voodoo Doll Quest 6 King Voodoo Doll, Magic Light Wand(not done) Venore
Life Leech Spell Quest 15* Hability to use Life Leech spell Thais
Life Ring Quest 6 Dragon Necklace, Life Ring(not done) Thais
Lighthouse Quest 6 Battle Hammer, Dark Shield(not done) Thais
Mad Mage Room Quest 40 Hat of the Mad, Stone Skin Amulet, Star Amulet(not done) Thais
Markwin's Secret Quest 30 Chain Armor, Chain Helmet, Devil Helmet, Halberd, Hatchet, 2 Life Fluid, Small Diamond, 4 Small Sapphire(not done) Thais
Minotaur Pyramid Quest 6 Protection Amulet, Stealth Ring Darashia
Modified Shovel Quest 1 Modified Shovel Kastah Amazon Camp
Muriel's Letter Quest 6 Book, Iron Helmet, Leather Armor, Longsword, Sudden Death Rune, Worn Leather Boots(not done) Thais
Naginata Quest 40 Naginata(not done) Thais
Necromancer Room Quest 60 Blue Robe, Medusa Shield, Skull Staff(not done) Darashia
Orc Fortress Quest 40 Fire Sword, Knight Armor, Knight Axe(not done) Venore
Orc Shaman Quest 6 Axe Ring, Blank Rune, Magic Light Wand(not done) Venore
Ornamented Shield Quest 6 (not done) Venore
Panpipe Quest 6 Panpipes, 2 Small Amethysts, Power Ring(not done) Venore
Parchment Room Quest 6 (not done) Edron
Postman Quest 6 Post Officer's Hat, Post Horn, 5gp discount for parcels and letters, 10gp discount for boat fares, ability to use locked mailboxes(not done) All over Faloria
Scale Armor Quest 6 Scale Armor(not done) Thais
Shadowthorn Quest 6 Bow, 30 Burst Arrows, Crystal Ball, Elven Amulet, Life Fluid, Mana Fluid, 60 Poison Arrows, 2 Small Sapphires, Time Ring(not done) Venore
Silver Amulet Quest 6 Silver Amulet(not done) Thais
Silver Brooch Quest 6 Silver Brooch, 3 Small Diamonds, 2 Small Rubies(not done) Thais
Small Rubies Quest 6 2 Small Ruby Thais
Spike Sword Quest 6 Spike Sword(not done) Thais
Steel Helmet Quest 6 103gp, Book, Steel Helmet(not done) Kazordoon
The Annihilator Quest 100 One of the following: Magic Sword, Demon Armor, Stonecutter Axe, Present Box with an Annihilation Bear(not done) Edron
The Ape City Quest 6 ?(not done) Port Hope
The Outlaw Camp Quest 45 Bright Sword, Red Gem(not done) Venore
The Paradox Tower Quest 30 Two of the following: 10k gp, Wooden Wand, 32 Talons, Phoenix Egg(not done) Kazordoon
The Queen of the Banshees Quest 60 Boots of Haste, Giant Sword, 100 Platinum Coins, Stealth Ring, Stone Skin Amulet, Tower Shield(not done) Carlin
The White Raven Monastery Quest 6 Blessed Ankh, Family Brooch, access to the Isle of the Kings(not done) Carlin
Triangle Tower Quest 6 Dwarven Ring, Garlic Necklace, 2 Small Sapphires(not done) Thais
Troll Cave Quest 6 Brass Legs, Garlic Necklace Edron
Vigilance Quest 60 One of the following: Robe of Vigilance, Axe of Vigilance, Hammer of Vigilance, Sword of Vigilance All
Warlock Room Quest 70 Black Pearl, Dragon Lance, Mysterious Fetish, Strange Symbol, Vampire Shield(not done) Edron
White Pearl Quest 6 White Pearl Ankrahmun
Wooden Doll Quest 6 76gp, 3 Blank Runes, Longsword, Mirror, Wedding Ring, Wooden Doll(not done) Venore

Outfit Quests

Name Level (required) Reward Location
Brotherhood Outfit Quest 1 Addon 1 and Addon 2 for the Brotherhood outfit Kastah
Citizen Outfit Quest 1 Addon 1 and Addon 2 for the Citizen outfit Carlin, Venore, Kastah
Hunter Outfit Quest 1 Addon 1 and Addon 2 for the Hunter outfit Thais Paladin Guild
Knight Outfit Quest 1 Addon 1 and Addon 2 for the Knight outfit Thais Knight's Arena
Mage Outfit Quest 1 Addon 1 and Addon 2 for the Mage outfit Edron

Exchange Quests

Name Level (required) Reward Location
Dwarven Armor Exchange 6 Dwarven Armor(not done) Thais
Gamel Exchange 6 Life Ring(not done) Thais
Yarn of Spider Silk Exchange 6 Ability to exchange 10 Spider Silks for 1 Yarn of Spider Silk Venore

Rookgaard Quests

Name Level (required) Reward Location
Albus Quest* 1 Improved Leather Boots Whole Rookgaard
Banana Quest 1 Banana West or east side of Rookgaard
Bear Room Quest 1 40gp, 12 Arrows, Brass Helmet, Chain Armor and daily spawn of 28gp, Hatchet, Mace Rookgaard Main Cave.
Captain Iglues Treasure Quest 1 2 Salmon and daily spawn of 12 Salmon Below the Rookgaard Poison Spider Tower.
Combat Knife Quest 1 Combat Knife Rookgaard sewers
Doublet Quest 1 Doublet Basement in one of the building on Rookgaard
Dragon Corpse Quest 1 Copper Shield, Legion Helmet Rookgaard, Bear Cave
Dwarf Tunnel Quest* 9 Modified Shovel Greenhollow, dwarf tunnel
Goblin Temple Quest 1 50gp, Pan, Sandals, 5 Small Stones, 4 Snowballs, Vial of Milk Rookgaard, Goblin Temple.
Greenhollow Access* 9 Access to Greenhollow Rookgaard
Greenhollow Depo Key Quest* 9 Key 9112 Greenhollow, swamp
Greenhollow Mummy Quest* 9 Chain Legs Greenhollow, graveyard
Greenhollow Rotworm Cave Quest* 9 46gp, Machete, 2 Mana Fluids, 2 Life Fluids Greenhollow, Rotworm Cave
Honey Flower Quest 1 Honey Flower Rookgaard, Wasp Tower.
Katana Quest 1 Katana, Viking Helmet Rookgaard, Rotworms Dungeon under the graves
Minotaur Hell Quest 1 10 Arrows, Carlin Sword, Fishing Rod, 4 Poison Arrows Rookgaard Main Cave.
Notebook Quest 1 Notebook Rookgaard, east coast
Rapier Quest 1 Rapier Rookgaard sewers
Rookgaard Backpack Quest* 9 Rookgaard Backpack with 40gp, Banana Skin, Life Fluid, Rope Greenhollow, sewers
Rookgaard Exchange Quests 1 Antidote Rune, Legion Helmet, Pick, Short Sword, Studded Legs, Studded Shield Rookgaard
Torch Quest 1 Torch Rookgaard, training center