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A promotion is a permanent vocation upgrade. As well as a new title, promoted players will have enhanced regeneration, lowered death penalty, and can cast a promotion-specific spells. Promotions can be bought at royal figures in different societies:

Vocation promotion costs 20.000gp and can only be bought if you over 20 level.

Vocation promotiom will still apply if character loses level 20. However, the rooking of a character will remove the promoted status (as well as the vocation).

Promoted characters will receive a new title:

  • Druids will become Elder Druids,
  • Knights will become Elite Knights,
  • Paladins will become Royal Paladins,
  • Sorcerers will become Master Sorcerers.

Promoted characters will have a reduced death penalty from 10% of total experience and skills to 7%. In case of death.

Health and mana regeneration rates are faster with promotion.