Unique Faloria Task System

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Faloria Tasks
First Task Slot Second Task Slot Third Task Slot
Experience up.png
Available for all players and contains Experience Tasks
Gold and items.png
Available to players with Golden Account and contains Money and Item Tasks
Exp or money.png
Can be permanently unlocked for 125 Faloria Coins and allows for both Experience Tasks and Money and Item Tasks


  • There are total 179 available tasks with 94 different monsters(some tasks like Chakoyas Task contains more than one monster).
  • On Faloria players can complete tasks. A task can be choosen while a player is inside a protective zone (temple in Rookgaard is protected on Faloria), by opening the Task Module (CTRL+T, or by clicking the 'Task' button to the right of the equipment panel).


  • There are three different task slots that can all be occupied by a monster at once.
  • The first slot is free and available to all players on Faloria. From this slot tasks that give experience can be started.
  • The second slot is available for all Golden Account players. In this slot, tasks that give money or items can be started.
  • The third slot can be bought for Faloria coins. From this slot the player is free to choose between item, experience and money tasks.

Completing Tasks

  • Tasks can be completed both by hunting alone and in party. In order to retrieve a task kill while in party the character has to participate in the fight and deal enough damage. For party hunts, task kills may yield less progress. For example, if you hunt in a party with 4 players, you get 0.5 task kill. If you hunt in a party with more then 4 people, you will only get 0.25 kill.

Showing progress and claiming rewards

  • Every time you get a kill that counts towards your task progress you will be notified in 'Default' channel. Once a task is completed the reward can be claimed while in a protective zone.

Canceling Tasks

  • You can cancel your task and start it over again later, but all progress will be gone.