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On this page you will find information about the Fishing system.
Through this new system, you will be able to catch new types of fishes which can be turned into exquisite dishes.

Getting started

- Visit Nettlemire in Northport to begin start explore new types of fish. Ask him for training and he will introduce you to fishing
- Use a fishing rod on a shoal of fish to have the greatest chance of catching a rare fish-type
- Explore different regions to catch different types of fishes (Cave, Grass, Ice and Sand)
- Upgrade your fishing rod to improve your catches (Modified Fishing Rod -> Metal Fishing Rod -> Golden Fishing Rod)
- A fishing rod can catch all fishtypes for their specified tier and all below
- Avoid clutter in your backpack with a Fishermans Backpack that your catches automatically transfers to
- Improve your chance of catching fish further by using a Fish Bait, either on your fishing rod or on the water


Name Weight Fishing Rod Fish Area
Blue Gill Blue gill.png 11.5 1 Ice
Blue Marlin Blue marlin.png 9.3 2 Ice
Carp Carp.png 9.5 1 Grass
Catfish Catfish.png 8.0 2 Grass
Cave Fish Cave fish.png 8.5 1 Cave
Crab(fish) Crab.png 10.8 2 Everywhere
Crimsonscale Fish Crimsonscale fish.png 7.3 1 Sand
Glow Fish Glow fish.png 8.0 2 Cave
Gold Fish Gold fish.png 4.0 3 Everywhere
Koi Fish Koi fish.png 5.0 2 Sand
Porkfish Portfish.png 11.5 2 Everywhere
Puffer Fish Puffer fish.png 11.5 2 Everywhere
Shark Shark.png 18.5 3 Everywhere