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On this page you will find information about the Farming system.
Through this new system, you will be able to sow seeds on farmland or directly inside your house through a Planting Pot.
When the seeds has completed growing you can harvest your crop from the plant that has formed.
Farming-outdoors.png Farming-house.png

Getting started

- Visit Sylvia Seedwright west of Stonehome to purchase seeds
- Talk to Seedwrights Assistance just upstairs of Sylvia Seedwright to get an introduction to farming
- Complete your training to gain access into the restricted garden with additional farmland
- Use a hoe on fertile dirt to then plant a seed inside it
- Crops planted on farmland can be harvested by any player when they have finished growing
- Seeds can also be planted into a Planting Pot that can be kept inside your house, preventing anyone else from harvesting it
- On farmland, each crop takes two hours to reach the final stage and yield one crop. After harvest, the fertile dirt requires one hour to reset
- In a Planting Pot, each crop takes two hours to reach the final stage and will yield up to two crops. There is no cooldown to plant again after harvest.

Seeds and plants

Seed Plant Crop Growth Time
Agaric mushroom seed.png Agaric Mushroom Seed Agaric mushroom plant.png Agaric Mushroom Plant Agaric mushroom plant.png Agaric Mushroom 2 hours
Cucumber seed.png Cucumber Seed Cucumber plant.png Cucumber Plant Exotic cucumber.png Cucumber 2 hours
Exotic tomato seed.png Tomato Seed Tomato plant.png Tomato Plant Exotic tomato.png Exotic Tomato 2 hours
Exotic carrot seed.png Carrot Seed Carrot plant.png Carrot Plant Exotic carrot.png Exotic Carrot 2 hours
Chili seed.png Chili Seed Chili plant.png Chili Plant Chili.png Chili 2 hours
Lettuce seed.png Lettuce Seed Lettuce plant.png Lettuce Plant Lettuce plant.png Lettuce 2 hours
Onion seed.png Onion Seed Onion plant.png Onion Plant Onion plant.png Onion 2 hours
Potato seed.png Potato Seed Potato plant.png Potato Plant Potato plant.png Potato 2 hours

Trees and bushes

Tree Crop Growth Time
Apple tree.png Exotic apple.png Exotic Apple 2 hours
Pear tree.png Pear.png Pear 2 hours