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The changes and tips MAY be helpful are written in the list below 👇

  • 1. No rods or wands.
  • 2. You don't have to learn spells in Faloria.
  • 3. Pacc in Faloria is free, so everyone can travel for example to the Edron or Promote the character after 20lvl. Golden Account is the one will give us some other benefits.
  • 4. NPCs on Faloria doesn't sell runes, they can be obtained only from other players, looted from Minibosses or simply made by ourselves.
  • 5. At low levels always carry some Life Fluids for the safety, untill the ability to use healing runes or spells.
  • 6. Spears are never breaks but they needed to be picked up from the ground.
  • 7. Small Stones are useless, they breaks after single shot.
  • 8. Traps are very useful. Check guide Hunting with Traps for more details.
  • 9. Faloria has a lot available Tasks which can be started and finished at any protection zone on the map, including temple in Rookgaard. You can always make your gameplay more interesting if you are bored and try to make new task. There are total 179 available tasks with 94 different monsters.
  • 10. Everyone on Faloria is allowed to have one maker online with the main character at the same time (MC).
  • 11. You have few opportunities to supply yourself with the runes, for example Bedmages - working very well if you invest some money at the beginning. The fastest way to get runes is to make them with Mana Fluids.
  • 12. There is ability to exchange more than one Life Crystal for Life Ring at the one time during the Gamel Exchange.
  • 13. You can buy multiple Backpacks filled with Blank Runes, this is example: PLAYER: 10 bp of blank / Alexander: Do you want to buy 10 backpacks of blank runes for 2200 gold?
  • 14. There are 5 outfits with total of 10 addons to make in game, mostly by Skinning, and 4 outfits with 8 addons to be bought for Faloria Coins. Check Outfits and Collection Tasks for more details.